Visa Electron is an entry level bank card, which is quite convenient and easy to use, so many players prefer to use this card for money transactions in online casinos. Our review of Visa Electron will tell you the main differences of this type of card from the classic Visa card.

Perhaps the main difference between the card Visa Electron and the classic plastic card Visa is that Visa Electron is a debit card, while the standard Visa is a credit card. This is very important precisely for fans of online casinos, as in the case of unauthorized access to the card Visa Electron, the card user only risks the amount it holds. Therefore, many players open a special account for the game and do not keep large sums of money on it.

Use plastic card Visa Electron can be more than 10 million retail outlets around the world, as well as for making payments at online casinos. However, the ability to use Visa Electron on the Internet depends on the decision of the issuing bank. For more information on the rules of use of the card Visa Electron is worth to contact the bank. Today, many online casinos accept not only the classic card Visa as a payment method, but also Visa Electron.

Use plastic card Visa Electron can be more than 10 million retail outlets around the world, as well as to make payments at online casinos.
In order to make a deposit to online casino just go to the money transactions section, select Visa Electron, indicate the desired amount and enter the data the card. In most cases, the transfer of money is almost instantaneous.

Another advantage of plastic cards Visa Electron is that they can be used to withdraw winnings from online casinos. All data to be specified when withdrawing funds from online casinos are on the card, namely the card number and bank index. Term of the enrollment of money in your account will depend on the conditions of each particular casino, so before you start the game, we strongly recommend to get acquainted with them on the website of the institution.

The pros of using Visa Electron at online casinos are high speed of enrollment, simplicity, the possibility of withdrawal of winnings and minimization of risks.

Disadvantages may be the lack of anonymity, the presence of restrictions on the use of cards on the Internet, which imposes a bank and not a large prevalence of Visa Electron in online casinos as a classic Visa card.